At Tridha, touching is learning. After material is presented, direct tactile experiences are employed to engage students and help them understand each lesson. This unique approach allows us to cultivate curiosity and critical thinking skills each and every day. Drawing, painting, poetry, recitation, drama, singing, and playing a musical instrument all build on academic skills that deepen comprehension. Each year the curriculum offers content appropriate to our students' development.

Music is integral to the Tridha curriculum. Singing is practiced throughout grades 1 to 8. In first grade the children begin to play the recorder which is continued until the fifth grade. In sixth grade they move on to playing the Alto and the Tenor. Students are encouraged to play the percussions and string instruments.

Fine Arts and Handwork
The arts permeate curriculum and encourage curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills. Children pain, draw and create geometric forms. Dexterity is developed as the children learn to knit, crochet, and sew, work with beeswax, clay, and woodwork.

Eurythmy translates the sounds, phrases and rhythms of speech, or the dynamic elements of music into movement and gesture. The result has been described as visible speech and visible music. In the art of eurythmy, that which you would normally hear, you see in the movements of the eurythmist. Through eurythmy the children learn to listen carefully and to express, through appropriate movement, what they hear.

Students experience the quality of the classical and folk dances as they move to the beat of the percussion.