IGCSE Results 2017-18
We are happy to share the IGCSE Results for the year 2017-18

Overall 100 % Results.
47% in Grade A and above.
Only 12% in D and E Grades.
3 Students with 5 or more A*.
9 Students with atleast 5 Grade A or higher.
AS / A Level Results 2017-18
We are happy to share the AS /A Level results for 2017-18

Overall 98.6 % Results.
27.3% in Grade A and above.
2 Students with Grade A or higher in all 5 subjects.
2 Students with Grade A or higher in atleast 3 subjects.
A level admissions open for 2018-2020
Tridha High School invites students to enroll for the A Levels programme. Admissions are open for the Academic Year 2018 - 2020. Application forms are available at the school office between 9:00am to 2:00pm. Last date for the submission of the completed forms is 30th January, 2018. School commences from 1st April, 2018. The orientation for the A Levels programme will be conducted on 20th January, Saturday at 11 am.
The Tridha Mela
The Tridha Mela, a celebration of Tridha family is back again.

Bringing Harmony to vibrant life will be a series of games, activities, food, performances and display of different stalls. And of course, to entertain and enchant us we will have a Puppet show by the Steiner trainees.

The Mela timings on Saturday, 16th December 2017 will be from 4.00pm to 8.00pm.
A Levels admissions
Tridha High School invites students to join the A Levels. Admissions are open for the Academic Year 2017 - 2018. Application forms are available at the school office between 9:00am and 2:00pm. Last date for submission of completed forms is 15th December 2016. College commences from 1st April 2017.
The first day of the new academic year 2017-18
The first day of the new academic year 2017-18 saw the
students being welcomed by the teachers during the morning assembly. The students and the teachers sang the song- I greet the day-.
The new students and the students of grade one were welcomed by their respective guardian teachers with roses.
Assembly was conducted and in conclusion wished the students best of
luck for the new academic year.
Ramazan Eid with Tridha
The school celebrated the festival of RAMAZAN EID on 27th June. In the
morning, the teachers greeted the students by applying Ittar on their
wrists. During the lunch hour, all the students gathered in the newly
constructed community hall on the sixth floor. The students along with
the teachers sang the song of IDD and relished BIRYANI AND SHIRKHURMA.
Tridha Birthday
21st June was celebrated as birthday of Tridha School. All the students
had put up their drawings and paintings with the theme -Tridha and Rain-on all the floors.
All the students were given an opportunity to visit and appreciate the
other students work. It was followed by rendition of the Tridha song by
teachers and the students. In celebration of Tridha’s birthday in a
unique manner the watermelon fruit was distributed to one and all.
We are happy to share AS Level students appeared (in varying combinations) for the following subjects - Accounting, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Economics, IT, Mathematics, Physics
The number of grades achieved across the different subjects are as follows:

A grade - 21
B grade - 4
C grade - 5
D grade - 2

IGCSE Results
We are happy to share our IGCSE Results:

The number of grades achieved across the subjects are as follows:

A* grade - 58
A grade - 52
B grade - 38
C grade - 29
D grade - 8
A birthday in a fairy garden
Our daughter Riiasumeet's fifth birthday was just round the corner, and as all good parents do, we asked her how she wanted to celebrate her birthday. "In a fairy garden with fairies", she replied in all earnestness. Her reply didn't surprise us a bit. Since birth she has been raised with the essence of Devimaa which soon turned into her fairy Godmother as she entered the world of Waldorf. She loved fairies no doubt. And we were going to give her a fairy birthday.
This fairy party could not be barbie inspired or even worse, bollywood
inspired. No Elsa either. We had to do this the Waldorf way. Organic, creative and pure.Easier said than done. it was already March 15th, and April 21st 2016 was suddenly rushing towards us at breakneck speed. A deep breath later, we put a plan in place.We would have each child at the party make their own fairy garden. We sent out the invitations. Being holiday time, we wanted to know if
any kids would actually be around. Thankfully, there were enough.
Father suggested Skyz Cafe at Lokhandwala as the venue. A open-air
terrace open to sky, done in white and blue and dotted with potted
plants. And best of all, with a long table that could comfortably seat
20 kids around it. And the preparations began in earnest. We readied the various things required for a fairy garden. Twigs collected on the morning walk. Small pebbles and stones picked by Riia at National Park. Later to be
washed, dried and finally painted.Dough made for the toadstools and snails. Modeled into shapes and then painted. Birds, Little Fairies, Flowers, teddy bears & Stars cut out from felt and paper. Tiny ladybirds from pistachio shells collected by Riia. Caterpillars our of dried green pea pods.
Chocolate holders with magazine covers. Fairy's treasure like pearls, beads and anything that was small and shiny. Colourful Pipe Cleaners (Chenille stems)
Small houses made from magazine pages and kitchen tissue roll cardboard
and sticky tape card board. A few party hats to act as possible elf homes.
Carpet grass cut into squares at the local nursery by the Father. And
placed in a tray. One for each kid. And the last thing we needed were fences for the garden. This we asked each kid to make at home using popsicle sticks. Posting reference pics of the same on the Whatsapp group we created for the party (yes, we had a Whatsapp group too). Riia was thrilled to see all the preparations afoot. Enjoying kneading the dough, and painting the toadstools and rocks. Turning our living room into a art room for a month. And then it was 21st April. The party day. Children arrived carrying their own baskets of fairy treasure. Some carried small buckets, a well, a nest. The venue was decorated with net fabric and balloons. The background music was soft and soothing...mamas and babies were tapping their toes to the music.
Angel Riiasumeet entered as the fairy of the garden with her flowing
dress, wings, wand and a tiara. She was living the dream of her fairy
garden party just the way she imagined. Each child along with the mother created a beautiful garden with the things provided. A memorable time was had by all. Taking back a fairy garden as a souvenir, and many memories that would outlast even the gardens.The joy we saw on Angel Riiasumeet's face that day was very fulfilling. We were present to the innocence and joy that love, effort, creativity and purity can produce. Thank you fairies for the wonderful inspiration.