At a time when most student find their educational focus limited by their public exam curriculum, students at Tridha receive a broad learning experience. 'A Level' subject are studied alongside Steiner curriculum topics such as History of Architecture and Drama. These topics will expand their knowledge and provide an insight into the understanding of Human evaluation through the in-depth study of the artistic mediums.

Ours students in Class XI also receive work experience by working for at least 3 weeks outside the school in a corporate environment. This is an opportunity for them to explore a realm which is soon to be part of their lives; an area in which responsibility and accountability will demand priority over all else.

The students of class XI are also taken to another Steiner school outside the country for three weeks which will not only expose them to the outside world but will also give them an opportunity to learn about a totally different culture. We also prepare our senior graders to face the issue of their times and become active citizens. The students in grades XI and XII are exposed to the economic, political, social problems of their society. To understand these issues better they work in a corporate enviornment as well as NGO.

Ultimately, when student leave Tridha after their grade 12 they are to understand the paradoxes of life without losing sight of the ideals.

Below are the subject options we offer at TRIDHA

Options for A levels (XI-XII)  
English Language (9093)
English Literature (9695)
Economics (9708)
Mathematics (9709)
Physics (9702)
Chemistry (9701)
Biology (9700)
Psychology (9698)
Information Technology (9626)
Sociology (9699)
Business (9707)
Accounting (9706)
Art and Design (9704)

English language is mandatory.

Subject option with less than five students will not be offered.