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Tridha is a social initiative started by a group of individuals who wanted learning to be a stress – free and soul-enriching experience for their children. They came together to form the Indian Education Revival Trust (IERT). The Trust is responsible for the overall direction and growth of the school. Tridha has chosen Rudolf Steiner's method of teaching where the curriculum is designed on the basis of a deep understanding of the child's nature. By providing the child with relevant life experiences, the innate sense of wonder and fantasy is kept alive and the child gains interest for the surrounding world – whereas, overloading children too early with memory oriented learning cripples these abilities. This enables the child's ability to think independently and seek its own answers. In this way teaching enriches the child's capacity to cope with life. Such then is the quest of all independent education. The insights given by Rudolf Steiner, into the understanding of the Human Beings and the understanding of the events which happens around us, have inspired our vision and helped us towards an ideal definition of Education.To achieve these goals, we cannot envision Education without a spiritual outlook.

Although we are inspired by Rudolf Steiner and his admirable ideas of education, we do not associate ourselves with the Anthroposophical Society. This does not mean that we have cut ourselves off from the fellowship of Steiner Schools, we are very much a part of it. We continue sharing our experiences with other Steiner Schools, we persist in encouraging student exchanges between schools and we will keep having experienced teachers visiting Tridha, to ensure that we are still very much in tune with the progress of ideas in the global Steiner community. As we developed, we realized that Rudolf Steiner's ideas were not meant to be worshipped but evolved. Tridha is a progressive school, where teachers and parents focus on the needs of the children rather than focusing on proving an ideology.