Welcome to Tridha

Think education only happens through memorization and testing? Think again.
At Tridha, we add music and art to science, math and English to help our students reach a deeper
understanding of their relative concepts. Multiply this advanced comprehension with daily hands-on
experiences and you've got an equation that's paying off.

Tridha began with Kindergarten and class I, a total of 20 children in June 2000. Today there are 500 children in the
Nurseries, the Kindergartens and Classes I to XII. Like all Steiner schools, Tridha too is a secular co-educational and
non-selective. Admission is strictly on a first-come first-served basis after meeting with the child and the
parents. We accept admission forms throughout the year. Boys and girls wear the same uniform – a short cotton
kurta combined with their choice of trousers. They all perform handwork, dance, music, gardening, cooking and

The Steiner curriculum at Tridha leads the students towards the IGCSE examinations. Subjects for the IGCSE
exams are covered along with other specialized subjects included in Steiner Curriculum.