Preprimary_Early School

"Children who live in an atmosphere of love and warmth, and who have around them truly good examples to imitate are living in their proper element" -Rudolf Steiner, The Education of the child.

Mixed Age Kindergartens

Our mixed age pre – school offer a unique learning opportunity for young children. We believe that children are happiest and learn best in a warm home like environment where the older and younger children are part of the class 'family'.

"A return to basics respecting the innocence and wonder of a child's imagination"

Early Childhood

Our early educators believe that children learn through imitation. Meaningful work and chores are part of our kindergarten day. Teachers and children are busy together throughout the day baking, cooking, sewing, sweeping, washing and gardening and the children are welcomed to take part in these activities. Children achieve a sense of satisfaction and purpose when they can take part of all aspects of daily life. Their social, cognitive and physical development are fostered through a program comprising of creative arts, storytelling, cooperative activities and free play. Everyday also includes outdoor time where children can play and work outside. We believe that in their early years children learn best when they are active and engaged in healthy movement.

The mixed age classrooms have the advantage of being like a large family, the older children benefit from providing a model for the younger ones and helping them along; while the little ones benefit from having role models at the next developmental stage to emulate. Another added benefit is the softness the younger one's bring to the older ones.

Play is the heart of the kindergarten program and through the child's own free imaginative play a broad range of cognitive, social and linguistic skills are developed. Natural simple materials such as pieces of tree branches, sea shells, pinecones encourage children to create their own games and stories during free play.

Balancing free play with structured activities, the children engage in daily and weekly activities including water colour painting, handwork, seasonal crafts, drawing, and beeswax modelling. As the class progresses in age and ability, teacher shifts the activities to meet the changing needs of the group. Children learn from each other and can develop at their own pace in a non – competitive setting. Keeping in mind our kindergarten is an extension of home we lay great emphasis on practical life skills which allows the child's cognitive skills to unfold naturally. Along with vigorous healthy play, these are the kind of experiences that provide the nerve activity, needed for higher learning in the areas of language development, dexterity, math skills, social skills and creative thinking. Crafts, handwork, games and regular outdoor play encourage the healthy growth of the child's body. Regular visits to Nature Park provide a firsthand experience of nature through seasons.

Celebrations and Rhythm are also important aspects of the young child's daily experience. Each day's activities include creative play, morning circle (includes socializing games and rhythmical activities developing coordination and balance) and storytelling time.

In the morning circle, the child learns to enjoy the sounds of language, to share through social games and to achieve coordination and balance through a variety of rhythmical activities.

The kindergarten experience provides a deep foundation as well as a readiness and an eagerness for the academics that follow in the grades.

Kindergarten rooms are warm, cared for and filled with nature's beauty and variety – a place where children can let their imagination roam with feeling reassured and protected. We provide a nurturing environment based on an understanding of the child development. We have seven mixed kindergartens serving children between 3 years to 6 years and 1 play group serving children between 2 years to 3 years of age.